South Portland Volunteer Network

The South Portland Volunteer Network is a new, informal, stewardship group in South Portland that focuses on recruiting volunteers to complete beautification or preservation projects.  This group rose out of the positive experience from the volunteer painting of the Willard Beach bathhouse in April of 2001.  Ideas for projects are solicited from volunteers and interested people.  The Network reviews the feasibility and necessity of the projects, obtains City approval, appoints a project coordinator, organizes a list of materials needed, if any, and seeks donations of materials from either the City or local businesses.  When project planning is complete, e-mail is sent to the Volunteer Network members as to the number of volunteers needed, work to be done and length of time estimated to complete the project.  The projects with the most volunteer energy and City support are the ones that have the best results. 

South Portland Land Trust volunteer coordinator Theresa Wiper organizes the Volunteer Network.  Projects are coordinated primarily via e-mail that eliminates the necessity, in most cases, for meetings.  Currently, the Network has a membership of over 120 individuals and groups, including neighborhood organizations.  We are looking for the Network to better link neighborhoods and organizations with ideas, issues, and project coordination. 

The Network would like to encourage projects throughout the City, with some of the volunteers coming from the neighborhood in which the project is carried out.  The idea is to build community in South Portland and teach our children the value of neighborhood stewardship. 

If you are interested in participating in the Volunteer Network, please contact

Theresa Wiper (767-1160) with your name, address, phone number and e-mail address.


South Portland Volunteer Network

 List of projects completed

 May 2001 – Willard Beach Bath House Painting

                18 volunteers over a ten-day period

                Earth Day – beach clean up

September, 2001 – Participation in International Coastal Cleanup at Willard Beach, beaches in Ferry Village, SMCC beaches, and Bug Light Park

May 2002 – Willard Beach Projects for Earth Day and number of volunteers in parenthesis:

            Fish Shack roofing, shingling, staining (10)

            Bath house deck staining (5)

            Beach Clean up (40)

            Fisherman’s Point Trail clearing (4)

Willard Street and Willow Street Beach Entrances:  plantings (12)

and invasive plant removal (5)  

September 2002 – Participation in International Coastal Cleanup at Willard Beach

May 2003 Earth Day –

            Beach Cleanup (10)

Dune restoration (beach pea and dune grass seed planting and fertilizing with seaweed) (20)  

June 2003 – National Trails Day

Cleaned up section of Barberry Creek that runs along the greenbelt walkway extension/bike trail (6)

September 2003 – Participated in International Coastal Cleanup (15) at Willard Beach