A Tree Committee has been formed as a step toward fulfilling part of .the Willard Neighborhood Plan (now a section of the City of South Portland Comprehensive Plan). Just what the committee will do and how it will go about its work toward greening up the neighborhood is still being decided. Because the state of our neighborhood involves us all, we are taking the temperature of the neighborhood, so to speak, to determine how you would like us to proceed.

Below are some tentative goals the committee has formulated in consultation with the city arborist. Please react to them and add your own ideas, too. Print this page, then send the form, with your remarks to Dolores Broberg,  38 Bellevue Avenue, S Portland, Maine 04106.  You may also contact Dolores via e-mail at


1.      Help people find the right trees and plantings for their properties and streets, and help with the plantings.

___   I want such help

___   I have knowledge to offer

___   I can help with the planting

___   I can help care for new plantings for people who cannot do it themselves




2.      Arrange with the city to create a dedicated fund to be used for tree replacement on public property so that people can gift tree funds as memorials or in celebration (such as birthdays and anniversaries). Each gift would be read aloud at Council meeting so that all who hear can celebrate along with the persons being so honored.

___   I support this idea

___   I would like to make a gift to such a fund




3.      Run a clinic to help neighbors learn about appropriate trees and plants for their properties, preparation of soils, techniques for planting and care. This could include such topics as avoiding invasive plants; selecting native plants; and, using environmentally sound fertilization and pest control.

___   A “green thumb” clinic would be helpful

        ___ for the neighborhood         ___ for the city

___   I would be interested to come and learn

___   I would like to teach a workshop on:

___   Hold the clinic ___ in the spring       ___ in the fall




4.      I would like to help the committee





___   Put me on the Tree Committee

___   Call on me to help with planning projects

___   Call on me to help with publicity

___   Call on me to help  with planting and/or care of trees

___   Call on me to help only with the following project:






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