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Notes from Neighborhood Guest Speakers

Steve Johnson - SP Public Works Dir

John Switzer - SP Arborist

Tex Haeuser - SP Planning Director

Tom Meyers - SP Transportation & Waterfront Dir




Willard Neighborhood

Open Meeting #1 (5-15-03)

Steve Johnson – South Portland Public Works Director





Five Divisions:

· Administration

· Sign Shop

· Heavy Truck Repair

· Transfer Station

· Road Crew/Trash



· No heavy pick-up, but one can pay @ transfer station and the city will pick the item up at their home.


· Sawyer / Cottage light will be installed within 6 months.


· Granite curbing is around $32.00 a linear foot as opposed to bituminous curbing is $3.00 a linear foot.


· Broadway is having extensive sidewalk work done over the spring/summer of 2003


· Next 5 years major emphasis will be put towards sidewalk reconstruction.


· What roads in Willard Beach are State Roads?   (Preble?)


· The City Ordinance requires individuals to maintain sidewalks on residential streets.


· Sidewalks are maintained on arterial roadways.


· Compost Program – the program was well received and appreciated.  Everything is sold out, but a list is being formed for another round of ordering.


· Sidewalk in Willard Square is very high.


· Recycling – 21% (very good and rising)


· Recycling now #1 & #2 PET/HDP  (92% of total waste is of this classification)


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Willard Neighborhood

Open Meeting #2 (6-19-03)

John Switzer – South Portland Arborist





· Spring Point Shoreway Phase I – 1977 (4 phases total)


· Rip rap around the pipe @ Willard Beach / pipe extends from SMTC between Café & Beach Street.

            · How can we enhance this pipe / what permits would be needed?


· New signs at Willard will be installed for patron notification

            · Signs showing Beach pollution level

            · Colored flag will hand at beach house.


· Trees

            · Early 80’ through early 90’s the city planted 75-100 trees a year

· In 1998 the microburst and ice storm money was used to plan an additional 200 trees

            · In 2002 only 25 trees were planted (budget cuts)


· City received $175,000 in ice storm recovery money for tree work (pruning / removal)


· A tree list of species is available for individuals to refer to for recommended plantings.


· Grant – Project Canopy – USDA (Maine Forest Service)

            · Provides money for tree planting


· Parks Department has a Memorial Tree Program

            · People buy trees and dedicate them / city plants them


· Parks will allow homeowners to buy a tree and the Parks Department will plant it.

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Willard Neighborhood

Open Meeting #3 (7/17/03)

Tom Meyers – South Portland Transportation & Waterfront Director





Bus Service

· Willard Neighborhood is one of the most demanding areas of the city.


· SMCC students and faculty represent a large user of the service.


· The bus service is the behind the scenes eyes & ears for public safety.


· Crosstown bus allows Willard residents to get to the Maine Mall.


· 80/20 funding received from Federal Govt. for buses & high ticket


· Sunday service is being explored




· South Portland has a different waterfront than Portland.


· Public access to the waterfront is provided in numerous areas


· Responsible for Beach, Spring Point Marina, Portland Street Pier, and Boat Ramp



Emergency Management

· We need a radio station to tune into to find out what steps need to be taken if there is a disaster.

            · What roads are closed, where are the detours, where are the shelters

               · Need to have a city channel that is available for public service

              announcements that everyone will know to turn to in an event

              like a disaster.

· Working with SP-TV to get tv-announcement

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Willard Neighborhood

Open Meeting #4 (7/17/03)

Tex Haeuser – South Portland Planning Director





· Talk about possible design district in the neighborhood.

            · Style of homes, accents to homes, colors, materials used


· Tex mentioned a few parcels in the neighborhood that are currently vacant, but could be developed

            · Smith Street parcel

            · Surfsite parcel


· Talked about the real estate prices in the neighborhood and how much they have spiked over the last few years.


· Tax Reform

· 2% increase in taxes for as long as you own the home; once sell the assessment gets changed


· Boarders or Roomers

            · Great possibilities for Willard residents if their homes allow for it.

            · SMCC students need housing in the area.

            · Income for homeowner.


· Accessory Dwelling Units being explored for city wide use.


· Consideration for smaller house lots.


· Plan should make provisions for a round-a-bout in Willard Square


· Could a second building on Willard Beach be possible to be used for a boat building (kayaks)?

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