1.                  Retain Residential Streetscape

· Preserve dead end Streets.

· Enhance sidewalk maintenance and construction.

· Maintain existing and provide additional crosswalks with proper signage.

· Explore the feasibility of constructing a roundabout in Willard Square.

· Maintain existing street trees and continue planting new trees.


2.                  Explore Opportunities for Growth in the Neighborhood

· Create a “Neighborhood Core” in Willard Square.

· Promote responsible development within the neighborhood.

· Promote development compatible with recreational uses of the


· Promote and maintain the small businesses along Benjamin W. Pickett 



3.                  Explore Relations between the Willard Neighborhood and SMCC

· Explore the zoning provisions of Boarders and Accessory Dwelling Units.

            · Increase communication between SMCC and WNA, with particular 

            attention to  SMCC’s plans for acquisition/demolition of real estate

            in WN: and, overall physical planning for the SMCC campus

            · Increase utilization of WN as a housing resource for SMCC students,

            faculty, and staff

            · Increase collaborative programs such as the Community Gallery Walk, 

            The Stage at Spring Point Shakespeare presentations


4.                  Preservation and Enhancement of Open Space

· Willard Beach shall remain in the public domain in perpetuity with total

    public access and parking, both of which should be free of charge

· Continue access to the waterfront and beach.

· Continue to provide areas for local boaters to store their punts on 

   the beach.

· Maintain and expand beach beautification


5.                  Preservation of the Spring Point Shoreway

· Continue maintenance on the path system and stairways.

· Improve and maintain the signage program along the pathway.

· Maintain and expand arboretum and picnic areas.

· Preserve and maintain the cemetery on the SMCC campus.

· Improve and maintain signage program

6.                  Promote Small Business Opportunities  

· Encourage small, storefront type business development.  

          · Review and implement Limited Business District LB zoning to 

            ensure a compatible mix of residential and limited commercial


            · Promote small business development in Willard Square area to

            encourage the development of a Village Center.


7.                  Develop Social & Cultural Opportunities

· Maintain open areas to be used for compatible social and cultural events

· Ensure accessibility to social and cultural events

· Promote the development of a Community Center