Willard Neighborhood Plan

Findings Report, March 2004


The Willard Neighborhood Association (WNA), representing the residents and property owners of our neighborhood, is pleased to present this Initial Report to the Planning Board and City Council.  We look forward to continuing this planning process with the Planning Department, the Planning Board, the City Council, and City Staff.

Following the suggested process for developing a neighborhood plan, the WNA appointed a Master Plan Committee to spearhead the work.  The Committee co-chairs are Benita Russo and Joan Uraneck members are Merle Broberg, Sally Group, and Jean Heath.  Alan Brewer, Jonathan Spence, and Doug Uranek were members early in the process. 

The Master Plan Committee has worked with the City Site Planner Jim Gailey and periodic consultation with Janet McLaughlin.  After our initial meeting in May 2001, we proceeded with gathering information and preparing a neighborhood survey.  This needs/assets survey was mailed to neighborhood property owners in the late spring of 2002.  Based on the results of the assessment from 391 respondents, the committee drafted a Vision Statement to synthesize and summarize the information and to give direction to future neighborhood planning work for Willard Neighborhood.  The elements of our plan grew out of the Vision Statement, Neighborhood Survey, four public meetings, and the compiled Needs and Assets Assessment. 

In the course of our work, the City Manager Jeffrey Jordan, Mayor William Dale, and Mayor Ralph Baxter offered helpful guidance and allocated city staff time for undertaking the development of the neighborhood plan.  We also appreciate the information provided by Planning Director Tex Haeuser, Public Works Director Steve Johnson, City Arborist John Switzer, Waterfront and Transportation Director Tom Meyers, and the neighborhood participants during the four public meetings. 

The following Goals and proposed Recommendations are the result of our work to date.  We look forward to continue collaboration between the Willard Neighborhood residents, business owners, City leaders, and staff as we bring these to fruition.  





Willard Neighborhood

Vision Statement


We envision the Willard Neighborhood as a place where:


        Neighbors are encouraged to know one another, to celebrate together and to join in making decisions about the future of the community;

        The scenic beauty and sensitive environment of Willard Beach is protected and improved through appropriate and dutiful maintenance;

        People value the safety and education of children, and welcome residents of all ages, incomes and cultures;

        Appropriate neighborhood-scaled businesses are encouraged;

        The quality, quantity, and scale of any future residential development is compatible with the neighborhood;

        Public open space is appreciated and preserved.